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Good day, and welcome to The House of Ink!the house of ink

My name is Abbi Clifton, the Manager of this fine establishment. I am an English and Criminal Justice major and future Prosecuting Attorney. I grew up in a small town, consume at least one gallon of coffee a day, and spend wayyyy too much of my life reading. I also have a vicious calico cat who hates strangers, and a little chaweenie dog who will eat anything except cantaloupe.

The House of Ink is a lifestyle blog for us millennial young-adults and new adults trying to figure out how to adult, and for those of us who enjoy learning about and discussing topics related to criminal justice like: the Constitution, Crimes, court cases, laws, etc.

The House of Ink provides riveting reading material for those of us who would most likely be found curled up in a fluffy chair reading a true-crime novel with a cappuccino in hand, and to those of us who wear dorky glasses by choice, and prefer binge-watching Law and Order to going out with friends. I salute you!

As The House of Ink is an up and coming establishment, please let me know if anything needs attention. You can reach me at  That being said, enjoy your stay!


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